Pitch & Campaign Consulting

We bring fresh ideas and cutting-edge tactics to your pitches, activations, and campaigns. We can fill in team gaps in social know-how, refine ideas for the digital landscape, and provide tons of background for brainstorming. And, since we’re coming from an agency background, we know when and where to insert ourselves in the process of getting to great work.



Innovation Research & Reporting

We provide the latest intel on the changing social landscape, bring the best innovation success stories to the table, and share the resources, insights and tools your team needs to create great content. Our offerings in this space include monthly social innovation reporting, innovation workshops, and platform tactic and trend forecasting.

Social Planning & Creative

We build clear, successful strategies that incorporate the right channels, creative, and rollout plan to meet your goals. Whether it’s introducing a new social channel, a refresher for your existing social media managers, an influencer partnership or live response lab, our team can create and execute a plan that amplifies your brand and drives real engagement.